The Donation Ceremony of Southeast University Zhongshan College Successfully Held in Southeast University

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     On the afternoon of November 24th, the donation ceremony of Southeast University Zhongshan College was held in the conference room of the administration building in Jiulonghu campus. Hua Sheng, Southeast University 1978 enrolled alumnus, the honorary president of Economic and Administration Department, Wang Xueqin, Southeast University 1978 enrolled alumnus, the former secretary of the party group of Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, Zhang Guangjun, the president of Southeast University, Huang Dawei, the vice president of Southeast University, the vice executive director of Southeast University Education Foundation and the leaders of the principal's office, finance office, the development committee, infrastructure construction department, architectural design and research institute, and southeast university education foundation attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Huang Dawei.

      President Zhang Guangjun pointed out thatmoral education is the fundamental task of colleges and universities, in recent years SEU have always followed President Xi Jinping's important remarks on education as our fundamental guideline, take the initiative to respond to the call of the party and the country in the new era to train the socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor, vigorously implement the 2020 Action Plan for First-Class Undergraduate Education, and further promote the reform of the three systems and five modernizations training model, also pilot the construction of Bingwen College and Chien-shiung College, laying a foundation for further exploration of the college system. President Zhang said that during this critical period when the university is exploring the further strengthening of the college system. Mr. Hua Sheng cared deeply about his Alma mater, concerned for new students, and made a generous donation to zhongshan College. He pointed out that Zhongshan College is not only the architectural entity, but also the inheritance and example of the spirit of SEU, carrying the inspiration and spur of a large number of alumni represented by Mr.Hua Sheng to the new students. President Zhang said that he will strive to build Zhongshan College into a high-quality building with Chinese characteristics and a high-end platform for teachers and students to facilitate exchanges, and strive to play a leading and exemplary role in the exploration of the national college system. President Zhang also said that the leading team of SEU, together with the faculty, students, staff and alumni, will make more contributions to build SEU into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics as soon as possible. We also invite alumni to give valuable suggestions for the SEU’s Five-Year development plan.

      Mr. Hua Sheng said that a drop of grace is reciprocated by a spring.The experience of studying in his Alma mater enabled him to start a new course of life. In the process of global science and technology, the problem of lack of humanistic spirit is becoming more and more prominent. It is hoped that Zhongshan College will have both cultural heritage and future innovation, and become a new cultural landmark of Southeast University and even Nanjing.

      It is reported that Zhongshan College is an architectural entity planned to be built in Jiulonghu Campus, serving the main functions of SEU. The college is not only a practical reform experimental field for cutting-edge teaching, scientific research and multidisciplinary integration, but also a high-end academic discussion and exchange space for all teachers and students.

President Zhang Guangjun delivered a speech

Alumni Hua Sheng delivered a speech

Alumni Hua Sheng and President Zhang Guangjun signed the donation agreement

President Zhang Guangjun presented a donation souvenir plaque to alumni Hua Sheng

Took a group photo to mark the occasion