Southeast University Education Foundation  (SEUEF) was established in 1987 and formally registered as a charitable organization in October 2005 with the approval of Education Department of Jiangsu Province and Civil Affairs Department of Jiangsu Province. The registered capital is 80 million yuan and is rated as a 5A social organization. It is a national advanced social organization awarded by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It has the qualification of deducting public welfare donations before tax.

SEUEF is committed to strengthening contacts and cooperation with alumni and communities, raising social resources, serving SEU's "focus on frontier, serving strategy, basing on teachers and students, taking talents on the first place school-running ideas and the development strategy of multidisciplinary integration, science, engineering, literature and medicine integration, industry-university-research integration and internationalization combination", so as to provide strong support for the construction of SEU as the world-class university with national characteristics and people's satisfaction as soon as possible.

The fund of SEUEF is mainly used to support talent training, teaching and scientific research, faculty building, campus building and other aspects of SEU, as well as all projects conducive to promoting the development of SEU education. For projects with specific donation purposes, they can be directly used on some particular aspect according to the wishes of the donors.

The SEUEF will uphold the principle of openness, standardize management, accepting supervision from all parties, and ensure that the use of all donated goods conforms to laws, regulations and social ethics. The SEUEF is eager to get the enthusiastic support from alumni and community.