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Southeast University Education Foundation was established in 1987, and was officially registered in October 2005 with the approval of Education Department and Civil Bureau of Jiangsu Province. In recent two decades, under the support and care of leading cadres and social community at all levels, Southeast University Education Foundation has started from scratch to an influential social group. Our Education Foundation has received increasing sponsorship and endowment from domestic and foreign enterprises, social organizations and alumni.

Southeast University (SEU), one of the universities of Project 211 and Program 985, is a national key university administered directly under the Central Government and the Ministry of Education of China. Southeast University aims at developing into a comprehensive and research-oriented university, also faced with enormous fiscal problems. Meanwhile, a large number of students with financial difficulties need aids from the whole society. By legitimate means of donation and endowment to Southeast University Education Foundation, university’s construction attracts the social support from all walks of life. The Foundation gives awards to outstanding students and aids to students with financial difficulties. Therefore, Education Foundation affairs are of cardinal significance both for university development and the students. In accordance with actual situation, donation projects of SEU Education Foundation are mainly comprised of Student Finance Assistance Scheme, Faculty Development Scheme and University Development Scheme, etc.