Project Name: Fund for SRTP Development

Project Introduction: Student Research Training Program (SRTP) provides research training chances for undergraduates to develop their innovation and practical abilities.


Project Name: Fund for Undergraduate Academic Competitions & Science and Technology Innovation Exhibitions

Project Purpose: Encouraging undergraduates to participate high-level academic competitions & science and technology innovation exhibitions both at home and abroad


Project Name: Fund for Undergraduate High-level Academic Papers and Reports

Project Purpose: Encouraging undergraduates to publish high-level academic papers and participate in the international academic conferences

Project Name: Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations

Project Purpose: promoting academic achievements and upgrading postgraduates’ academic levels.


Project Name: Fund for Excellent Cultivation Program of Students

Project Purpose: Setting up for nurturing well-rounded individuals by means of lectures, seminars, social training and practice


Project Name: Fund for Student Association Development

Project Purpose: SEU has been equipped with 106 student associations, which covers five types: physicalfitness, science and technology, volunteer service, literature media, culture and arts. As important carriers of campus culture and SEU cultural brand, student associations have hold large numbers of exhibitions, lectures and salons.

Project Name: Fund for Academic Salons

Project Objective: By virtue of the disciplines of Southeast University, this fund aims to invite experts to probe into the basic scientific researches and advanced technologies concerning national and regional economic development, to play its due role in technology innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements

Project Name: Fund for Academic Conferences

Project Objective: Encouraging academic communication, expanding international vision, and comprehending the dynamic development of various disciplines.

Project Name: Faculty Fellowship

Project Objective: Awarding outstanding teachers with noble morality, dedication and spirit of innovation

Project Name: Administrator Fellowship

Project Objective: Awarding outstanding administrators, promoting the construction of the management team