The First Zhongying Young Scholars Project Meeting and the First Zhongying Young Scholars Forum in North China Held Successfully

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    On November 20th, the first Zhongying Young Scholars project meeting was held in Tsinghua University. Zhu Li, the project director of Cyrus Tang Foundation, and other staff members as well as the representatives from the foundations of 13 cooperating universities and relevant departments, attended the meeting, among which Rui Zhenhua, secretary-general of Southeast University Education Foundation and his delegation attended the meeting.The meeting was chaired by Zhang Xiaoli, project director of Cyrus Tang Foundation.

    At the meeting, the representatives of the cooperating universities reported the academic and public welfare achievements of the young scholars from Zhongying, and also raised the problems and difficulties encountered in the implementation of the project.

    Then director Zhu Li makes a summary of the project. She said that Mr. Cyrus Tang attaches great importance to the cultivation of young talents."Zhongying Young Scholar" is the last talent cultivation project that Mr. Tang participated in designing before his death. Since the trial in 2016, this project has been adjusted and optimized according to the implementation situation. The foundation hopes to build "Zhongying Young Scholar" into a brand project to cultivate more outstanding talents for China.

    At the end of the presentation, everyone asked "How to define public service? How to form brand public welfare activities? How to motivate scholars to actively participate in public service?". Heated discussions have been held on such issues.

    The discussion among the representatives of universities continued to spark each other, and they finally reached a consensus: give the relevant administrative departments of universities full autonomy and define public service in a wide range of dimensions; build team atmosphere for scholars and establish a normal communication mechanism; establish a model of public welfare, make full use of multi-platform publicity; encourage scholars to give full play to their professional advantages and develop their own public welfare plans, so that scholars can find their own direction on the road of public welfare.

    From November 21 to 22, nearly 40 young scholars from Tsinghua University, Shandong University and Beijing Normal University, and more than 20 representatives from 13 university foundations gathered together to participate in the "Public Welfare of Education in the Post-epidemic Era" -- the first Zhongying Young Scholars Forum in North China in 2020. This forum, organized by Cyrus Tang Foundation and Tsinghua University Education Foundation, focuses on the opportunities and challenges faced by the education public welfare in the post-epidemic era, explores effective development paths across disciplines and fields, and aims to open a new ecology of education public welfare in the post-epidemic era.

The site of Zhongying Young Scholars Project Meeting

Rui Zhenhua, Secretary General of the Education Foundation of Southeast University, made a speech

Zhu Li, Project Director of Cyrus Tang Foundation, delivered a speech

Yang Bin, Vice President of Tsinghua University, made a speech

Participants took the group photo