The Donation Ceremony of "Bronze Door Decoration of Asian Architectural Archive Center" was Successfully Held

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    On the morning of April 8th, the donation signing ceremony of Southeast University-Zhejiang Jianxin Decoration Co., Ltd was held in the conference room on the second floor of the auditorium of Sipailou campus. Liu Jiaren, general manager of Zhejiang Jianxin Decoration Co., Ltd., Geng Xingyu, general manager assistant, Huang Dawei, vice president of Southeast University, executive vice president of Southeast University Education Foundation, and related leaders and teachers of Sipailou Management Committee, Southeast University Education Foundation and Architecture Department attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Tong.

The ceremony

    In his speech, vice president Huang Dawei warmly welcomed the two guests from Zhejiang Jianxin Decoration Co., Ltd., he expressed his sincere respect and thanks to the company for their selfless support, and briefly introduced the basic information of the Asian Architectural Archive Center. Huang Dawei pointed out that under the background of accelerating the construction of an innovative city in Nanjing and Southeast University promoting the construction of "Double First-Class", the center will jointly create an international first-class "Asian Architectural Archive Center" for the modernization process of China, Asia and even developing countries around the world through the cooperation between universities and local governments. In the future, Southeast University is looking forward to having all-round exchanges with excellent and ethical enterprises to achieve common progress on the big stage of China.

Vice President Huang Dawei delivered a speech

    General Manager Liu Jiayen expressed his gratitude for the invitation of Southeast University and highly recognized the achievements of Southeast University Asia Architecture Archive Center. General Manager Liu said that the architecture discipline group of Southeast University has an important influence at home and abroad. The participation of this donation can not only help improve the enterprise's awareness of the protection of historical buildings, but also reflect the corporate social responsibility. He looked forward to the joint development with Southeast University in the future.

General manager Liu Jiaren delivered a speech

    Then, general manager Liu Jiaren and secretary general Rui Zhenhua signed the donation agreement on behalf of both sides. Zhejiang Jianxin Decoration Co., Ltd. donated bronze door decoration to be used in the Asian Architectural Archive Center located in Sipailou campus.

Zhang Tong introduced the construction of Asia Architectural Archive Center

    At the ceremony, Zhang Tong, dean of Architecture Department, also introduced the construction of the Asian Architectural Archive Center. Asia Architectural Archival Center is jointly promoted by Southeast University, Nanjing Municipal People's Government and Xuanwu District People's Government. It was officially inaugurated and established in 2019 at the Nanjing Innovative City Construction Promotion Conference, with the basic functions of relevant archive collection, high-end talent introduction, academic research and cultural exchange.

Group photo

    It is reported that Zhejiang Jianxiong Decoration Co., Ltd. was founded in August 3rd , 2012, mainly engaged in building decoration engineering, curtain wall decoration engineering, metal doors and windows engineering, fire facilities engineering, etc.